Fullmetal Alchemist
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01 Episode One: One Who Challenges the Sun - Ed and Al stumble upon a city in the desert and find that the townspeople all worship a man who is the avatar of the sun god, Leto, and who performs miracles. When Ed sees the man perform "miracles", however, he finds that the man is using Alchemy, but is ignoring the principle of equivalent trade, and is swindling the townspeople, to top it all off. Ed and Al decide to look into the matter....but find trouble instead.
Lost in the Desert :: Conero performing 'miracles' :: Conero's kinda...freaky...

02 Episode Two: Condemned Body - Ed and Al escape from the clutches of Conero, only to find that Conero has turned the whole town against them. Conero creatively re-captures Ed, and Al must find a way to free his brother and prove to the townspeople that Conero is not an avatar of God.
Run away! :: ...I wish my arms would get all stretchy when I'm  mad... :: Stealing a bell...?

03 Episode Three: Mother - This episode shows the boys when they were young. Their mother dies, and the boys attempt to resurrect her. However, Resurrection is forbidden alchemy, and therefore their attempt fails, and the naive boys pay a heavy price. Ed loses a leg, while Al loses his body, but Ed manages to save his brother by affixing Al's soul onto armor. During the time in which Ed unconcious, a Colonel from the army takes great interest in the boys....
At their mother's funeral... :: The array for human resurrection :: Paying the price

04 Episode Four: Transmutation of Love - On their way to Central, the boys stop to investigate a man named Majhal that their father had known. The brothers learn that the village is haunted by a ghost of a beautiful woman who died years ago, and many of the townspeople are mysteriously dying. When Majhal defeats the ghost with merely the use of fire, Ed thinks there's more to the ghost than what Majhal is telling them.
Fireworks! :: A ghost!  Boo! :: Ow...

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