Full Metal Alchemist
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05 Episode Five: Dash! Auto-mail - General Hakuro is returning from vacation on a train when a terrorist group bent on capturing him attacks the train. All of the passengers become hostages, but Al and Ed aren't really the passive type. With Major Hughes's help, they try to rid the train of its terrorists and return the passengers safely, but it's not an easy task...
...Major Hughes? :: Don't shoot a guy wearing armor :: You might wanna duck...

06 Episode Six: Nationally Certified Alchemist Qualification Test - Col. Mustang agrees to let Al and Ed take the Qualification Test, and the boys are assigned to stay with a man named Tucker and his daughter Nina until the designated test date. Tucker had made a chimera that spoke and understood human words a year ago, but he seems reluctant to let the boys see it. Putting the chimera in the back of their minds, the boys study diligently for their certification test as the test day grows nearer and nearer.
Show us the chimera? :: Snow! :: Ed to the rescue!

07 Episode Seven: Night of the Chimera's Cry - Once a year, Certified Alchemists must present their findings to a committee in order to keep their certification. Time is running out for Tucker, and he is hard-pressed to create something as magnificent as the last time. Last time, however, he created a chimera that could speak and understand human words. Tucker seems to be reluctant to talk with Ed about the chimera, and his research is classified. This frustrates Ed, so he and Al decided to look into the matter themselves.
Nina's so cute ^^ :: What's this...? :: Investigating the Chimera

08 Episode Eight: Philosopher's Stone - A serial murderer who only targets women shows up, but Ed has strict orders not to get involved with the case. Instead, he is ordered to continue Tucker's research, which isn't quite what he wants to do. Ed wants to research the Philosopher's stone, but Col. Mustang won't allow it. In anger, he turns in his silver watch that marks him as a Certified Alchemist and storms out of the office. Winry comes to visit and congratulate Ed on his accomplishments, but she disappears shortly before they get to meet. Could this have something to do with the murderer? (...)
He's creepy in a cool way...Isn't he the guy at the library? :: Winry comes for a suprise visit :: Winry has...strange interests...

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