Cowboy Bebop Movie
CBM 00 01 02

In Theaters: April 2003
Company: Sunrise, Bandai
Duration: 114 Minutes
Genre: Action Drama
Adult Content: High
MPAA Rating: R

Lab Review: The movie takes place on Mars, in the year 2071 AD. A mysterious criminal has appeared in the city wrecking havoc on its people with an unknown epidemic virus. The largest bounty in the history of the galaxy is put on him and that's where the main story expands. Cowboy Bebop - The Movie has superb animation and an intriguing story full of action and drama. Of course, the comedy does come in once in a while with a pleasing reminder to the unforgotten humor of the Cowboy Bebop TV series.
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Fanatic Factor: High
If you're a fan, this is a must-see. Even if you're not, it's still a blast. Plus, you finally get to see Faye naked, Spike get hammered, and Ed's skinny body put into use.

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